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Training We Provide

dog trainer at chennai

Dog Behavior Training

Smart dog trainers help the pet parents to deal with the behavior problems like

Dog Obedience Training

Basic Obedience Programs:

training your dog not to bite
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Advance Training

Protection Program can teach your dog a variety of skills that include:

Dog Socialization

Smart dog trainers train the pet parents to deal the dog socialization problems like

training tips for dogs
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Dog Show Training

Smart dog trainers giving training to pet parents with dog to attend the dog obedience show which is conducted by KCI. We also providing Breed show dog training by our expert breed show trainers in Chennai.

Dog Trainer Training

We also giving the dog trainers training to the young dog loving professionals for the period of one year internship training @ reasonable package

training tips for dogs
Dog Training at chennai

dog swimming training

Swimming is an important and valuable skill for dogs so they can stay safe while enjoying their time in the water.